Life As We Know It!

Sometimes we look at miserable people and and marvel, “How possibly can someone put up with that kind of shit and by what means would someone be able to bring them in that kind of situation??”. Well later, we find ourselves in the same kind of situation, sometimes even worse. Life is a bitch and it slaps your pretty face when you least expect it. Life has its own funny way of compensating things. Perhaps its life’s way to make some of less fucking judgmental morons. By the time you are actually wearing someone’s shoes and have walked half a fucking mile in them, you never realize what kind of painful shoe bite that was. And what a crap!  For the things you were judging others fate, you have landed yourself in the same crap as they did. We keep on giving our reviews about situation, and keep on telling them that you could have done this or that. It doesn’t take much of an effort. Does it?

Like the idea that paper can kill the rock, a lot of bullshit has been fed to us while we were growing up. Most of the bedtime stories which are freaking impossible were told to us, just to instill fear and guilt to keep us in line and to make us learn the concept that righteousness and greatness wins in the end. What you learn when you grow up is that if actually something wins, its “AWESOMENESS”. And definition of awesomeness has nothing to do with nicety and righteousness. Awesomeness is ‘Barney Stinson’. The person who is a womanizing butt hole and has an incredible notoriety for playing messy games and wacky plans for nothing but get laid.  But because he is cute, funny, manipulative, he hangs out in a cool group and goes out of his ways to impress people with his charming, sarcastic and hypocritical ways, he is awesome! Not that he is not a nice friend, definitely he is. (And Neil Patrick Harris is an excellent actor.)

Anyways, we all are almost the same. We all make same mistakes and we regret them too. Those who say regret is a choice, I don’t believe them. We always regret certain things, only we learn to live with those mistakes, which we made and accept them as a part of life, once we’ve move on from the consequences of the shit that happened.

Only some people are addicted to misery. Not that they love to stay sad or miserable, but they are so scared of even trying to escape it. Sometimes they do it to sabotage themselves, so they can live in that friendly space, gaining sympathies of people, regardless of how miserable it is. The way we cling to past instead of accepting the change, the way we are afraid to let go of people who hurt us, instead of accepting who will acknowledge us for who we are and the way we stick to old memories instead of making new ones . This is how we hurt ourselves even more.

Its important to keep a record of the people whom you let enter your life, irrelevant of the fact that they are friends, family, lovers or who-so-ever. If they are toxic, cut them. Not that you should give up on them. I am a kind of person who believes in repairing things rather than replacing them. I believe in ‘’forever together’’ concept. But why to try for those who have already given up on you or who makes you feel any less worth of what you are? Your life on this planet is very short and you don’t have a solitary additional minute to waste on someone who doesn’t deserve your company. Never let people who don’t care enough about you to have an impact on how you feel. The more crap you are ready to put up with, the more crap you are going to get.

“Don’t lick your wounds, celebrate them. The scars you bear are the signs of a honest and strong competitor. You are in a lion’s fight. Just because you didn’t win once or you got pricked twice, doesn’t mean you don’t know how to roar.”

You have to let go of them. It will be a tough time. But so what? When you will come out of it, you will be stronger and a better person. A person of such a strong character who will never hurt anyone else in the same way because he knows the agony. I have been through a lot of ups and downs in my life. I don’t say that I have had all the experiences because I am very young and I know that still a lot is left for me to deal with and learn through. But what I have learnt is that nature has its unique way of striking a balance between hurt and healing. After you move on from all the shit and you find a better life (which you definitely will), you realize that all the pain you have suffered, was totally worth the lesson. Anything that has been taken away, life has made up to it, even better.

We all have an hour glass and none of us know how much sand is left with us. And we have a lot to achieve for many people, for our friends, family and most importantly for ourselves. So it is better to try to make the most out of it and live up to the fullest. And anyone who drains you of your life spirit is not worth another sand grain.

And at the end of the day, faith is a funny thing. So have faith in God and have faith in yourself. There will be moments which will take your breath away. !!.:)


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