The Game of Power and Blame

A lot has been going around lately which is quite aggravating. A lot of things happen around us in our day by day life which we don’t focus on, because we don’t know those people. We don’t care how to solve it because it isn’t effecting our life that much. Not much, not less. Not at all. Life has its weird amusing way of proving us wrong and shallow most of the times.

A girl got raped. People came out, revolted. Some even had to bruise and injure themselves in the strong feeling of responsibility, humanity and gender sensitivity. For some days that girl and her fatal injuries became a part of the media’s attention. Everybody wanted to save their “Desh Ki Beti”. Even those inhuman barbarians who raped her shamelessly and mercilessly and later, teared her in pieces, were feeling remorse. Bullshit Guilt!!

And then started the Blame game of people. Accusing society, blaming culture, man, woman, dress, mental illness, fashion!! Some of the purported religion lobbyist gave proclamations like remembering God and calling “Bhaiya” would have helped that poor girl. Political parties had a new topic to add in their speech to make fool out of general public, though they cant do anything. Even in her pain, people found an agenda and rushed for it. They didn’t even wait for her to die.

Anyway, the girl died. Nothing changed. No result came out of all those revolts and aggression. Definitely we all were shocked and we wanted to help. But as we give the excuse, “We couldn’t. Our hands were tied.” Then we also faulted our government, society, folks and culture who wont let us fight for it and Then..We moved on..

We thought that physically castration of those rapists would make us feel better. Not hearing of any more rapes will help. But in real, the priority in our movements was to ensure that we’re not affected by these tragedies. If we as a populous of human beings gave a shit about these issues, these issues would have halted quite a while back.

We’re self indulged creatures, who want to believe that we’re different from the rest of the wild animals on this rock. But we aren’t When guys are sitting in the group of friends, they stalk girls who are passing by and comment over their dress and body, Aren’t they doing the same thing to those girls? Aren’t they rationally assaulting them? Those wild fantasies that guys have for girls, so they try to peep in every possible part of their body when they turn, walk or bend, would it say it isn’t off-base? If Such kind of people will fight for women, who will hear them out?

Shallow people. Bloody hypocrites

Aren’t they doing likewise? Maybe, today they aren’t doing it physically, but,  Possibly someday or another if their needs will become that immense, even they will also be ready to rape a girl. In fact we hear the instances of inappropriate behavior at work places, rapes in schools and also husbands rape their wives!! Isn’t is as big a sin as that was.!

If we ever want hope of helping any of it, we need to take some of the responsibility on ourselves, only then will we have the power to move forward.

Let’s shift the perspectives..

If we question their manliness, they’ll get uber-buff. If we tell them that they are not able to meet the economic demands of their family, they’ll start wearing gleaming home loan installments around their necks. The behavior isn’t an issue of rights, it’s an issue of power This is a patriarchal society. This fact isn’t going to change any sooner. Even if you are always prepared and well precaution-ed, shit can happen. If things can go wrong they will. This is not nature’s fault. If someone cannot control their testosterone, doesn’t imply that we need to fence ourselves inside limits. There are  some parts where safety precautions aren’t extravagances yet necessities to survive brutal environments.The culture in our country is not designed with the interests of female gender in mind. This is apparent in the appalling extensive number of female foeticide cases to the unmindful concept of dowry.

After all of this, nothing stops. We are all ready to take risk with our lives and we go to jobs and colleges everyday. From every street we pass, we get eve-teased. Group of guys make us feel ashamed about being a girl and we bow our head down and continue strolling on our way. Our folks are frightened who are living so far from us for our well-being. But they want us to study and become something, So they are taking their chances.

Every time when I go home, they are so comforted to see me safe. Every time when I leave, they try to shroud their fears behind their goodbyes.! I really wish I could make it through this all and go safe to them. We can all just pray. Living here at this place, there are not lot many things we can do about it. Certainly It wont work for every one of us, because there will be more ‘Daminis’ and ‘Hetals’. But we can hope for the best and attempt to maintain a strategic distance from these mis-happenings, So that when we get back to our parents, they can smile again.!!


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